22 Sep 2022



The Wavyverse is a neural-mental medium popularized by Zoroaster Immeasurables (ZIM). Its name derives from the notion that reality is a composition of multiple energy waves moving at different timescales, mediated and decoded through the nervous system. In the Wavyverse, one can compose and share dream-like experiences via direct communication between nervous systems. Individuals generate mental spaces called confluxes. One person’s conflux can “leak” into the conflux of another, producing extreme context-shift demands on the brain. Movement is often conserved in the Wavyverse and reserved for dramatic effect, because the brain only updates the information that is strictly necessary to see, hear and feel the dream-like experiences.

“Wavecasting” refers to the livestreaming of one’s Wavyverse experience. This often includes a creative combination of neural activities: raw nerve firings, bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts, fantasies, dreams and episodic memories. People versed in Wavecasting their own unique combination of neural activities are referred to as “Wavecasters.”

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