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Education Programme Pollinator Pathmaker LAS Edition

In collaboration with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, commissioned by LAS Art Foundation

06 Jul 2023

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The Pollinator Pathmaker LAS Edition has been in bloom on the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin’s forecourt since June 2023. Covering an area of 722 square metres, more than 7,000 plants of 80 different species now provide a variety of food for pollinating insects. Pollinating insects in Berlin include butterflies, moths, beetles, wasps and even flies. The artwork, created by artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, is a response to the alarming decline of pollinating insects, which are essential for the reproduction of many plants and the survival of ecosystems.

During the summer of 2023, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin will host an interactive educational programme with various formats aiming to inspire young people to understand the crucial role that pollinators play in the environment, raising awareness for their needs.

Workshops and Guided Tours

The fascinating world of pollinators

On the backdrop of the Pollinator Pathmaker LAS edition, the Museum für Naturkunde invites families and children to a 3-hour workshop to learn all about insects in the city, pollination and bee-friendly gardens.

Which bees are there in Berlin? What does pollen actually look like? Why is survival increasingly difficult for insects and what can Humans do about it? The Museum für Naturkunde will explore this and more together with you during the workshop - the fascinating world of pollinators.

08 July 2023
05 August 2023
10:00 until 13:00

Information about the event

  • Number of participants: max. 15 people
  • Participation from 6 years.
  • Register via [email protected]
Live Speaker in the Pollinator Garden

For two consecutive hours, the Pollinator Pathmaker LAS Edition team will be standing by the newly created garden on the forecourt of the Museum für Naturkunde to answer your questions about the project.

Questions about insects, pollination and bee-friendly gardens can be asked. In addition, the team will explain the development and implementation of the Pollinator Pathmaker Garden as a work of art.

No registration required.

27 June 2023
11 / 25 July 2023
10:00 until 12:00

Guided tour through the Pollinator Garden

Since its opening, the Pollinator Pathmaker team invites visitors to wander through the new garden on the Museum's forecourt and observe the first pollinators in action.

The team will present the project in its entirety and answer questions about insects, pollination and bee-friendly gardens.

28 June 2023
5 / 12 / 19 July 2023
16:00 until 16:45

Information about the event

  • Number of participants: max. 20 persons
  • Register via [email protected]
  • Duration: 45 minutes

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