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Felix Thon
Lead Communication and Marketing

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Accreditation and press mailing list

For press conference accreditation and to receive LAS press releases, please send an email to [email protected]. Press tickets for current exhibitions can be booked in our online shop. A valid press card or a confirmation from your editors must be presented when attending.

Press packs

Exhibition | 20 April — 24 November 2024

Josèfa Ntjam :swell of spæc(i)es

swell of spæc(i)es
Exhibition | 20 June 2023 — 01 November 2026

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg :Pollinator Pathmaker

Pollinator Pathmaker is a living artwork for rather than about pollinators that asks us to see the world through the eyes of a pollinator.

Pollinator Pathmaker
Online | May 2023

IRL :Emotional Futures

Emotional Futures is a web-based game that invites players to invest in their emotional future through interactions with friends.

Emotional Futures
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