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Lecture: Fundamentals and future perspectives of quantum technology

05 Apr 2022

Lecture: Fundamentals and future perspectives of quantum technology

Lecture by Dr Markus Krutzik (Quantum Physicist) and Q&A with Dr Katja Naie (Managing Director and Programme Director, Science at Schering Stiftung)

The advent of quantum technology is considered to be a technological revolution and promises to significantly change the future. The technologies that comprise this sphere are still at the research stage, but used correctly there is the potential to establish new markets or address existing markets with improved applications. The global scientific community widely agrees that quantum technologies are the core future technology of the 21st century, while similarly the German government considers them key technologies. The hope that quantum technologies will initiate a paradigm shift in many industries is located particularly in these three areas: sensor technology, computing and communications.

Quantum physics is difficult to put into words, even for experts, and seemingly incomprehensible to the layperson. But it’s worth understanding their complex rules, which are the foundation of these technologies.

In his lecture, quantum physicist Dr Markus Krutzik introduces the basics of these future technologies and explains what is revolutionary about quantum communication, sensing and computing, as well as areas of application.

Tuesday 5 April 2022, 6.30–8.30 pm
Schering Stiftung, Berlin

In German, Free



Artist and Quantum Physicist

Libby Heaney

Quantum Physicist

Markus Krutzik

Managing Director and Programme Director, Science at Schering Stiftung

Katja Naie

A series of live programming around Libby Heaney's new commission Ent- with artists, musicians, key leaders from the world of quantum

On the occasion of Libby Heaney's solo exhibition Ent-, LAS and the Schering Stiftung join forces to present a series of talks and live events to take place in the closing month of the show. Through a variety of formats, the programme brings together voices from the fields of art and science, and tackles the complexities of future quantum technologies. By fostering interdisciplinary bridges, the events further Heaney’s ambition to build a collective understanding of the potentials of the quantum age.

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