LAS Art Foundation

Conversing with nature through taste

Artist Residency

May — August 2024

Culinary resident Chelsea Turowsky explores Pollinator Pathmaker

LAS Art Foundation invited interdisciplinary artist and chef Chelsea Turowsky to be in dialogue with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s living sculpture for pollinating insects, the LAS Edition of Pollinator Pathmaker.

The element of time

Over a period of four months, Turowsky closely observes the garden and its gradual transformations, translating them into culinary experiences. Our metabolism plays a decisive role in understanding the world we inhabit; the act of eating is an embodied interaction with the environments that sustain us. Yet, food is also an artistic medium, translating knowledge around preparation techniques, combinations of flavours, textures and nutritional qualities into compositions that address all senses. A dish as a layered blend of synergizing elements and the living artwork Pollinator Pathmaker share a common trait: the importance of time. Planting, growth, and harvest all require patience and careful tending before the elements can be gathered on the table, revealing their essence in a fleeting moment of consumption.

Artist Residency

Throughout the summer, Chelsea Turowsky explores the manifold characteristics of the LAS Edition outside the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – from blooming patterns to changing colour pallets, from growth cycles of plants to the pollinators that feed on them. In this process, she is supported by the curatorial team of LAS Art Foundation, scientists from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and gardening professionals from the Königliche Gartenakademie in Berlin-Dahlem. Based on her observations, Chelsea creates four experimental tasting menus corresponding to four moments manifested in the garden, investigating preparation and conservation techniques that aim to shift away from human-centred forms of perception.

An expanding archive

The menus will be presented as part of the summer programme. Meanwhile, this website records the exchanges with Pollinator Pathmaker. It serves as a growing archive of Chelsea's encounters with the garden and will gradually be filled with sketches of ideas and observations.


Chelsea Turowsky

Chelsea Turowsky is an artist working in food and text.

Her poetry is in conversation with nature.

Her cuisine is in conversation with memory.

Her practice explores biopsychology and holistic medicine.

Chelsea is based in Berlin, where she works as a professional chef in the context of new fine dining.

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Installation|20 June 2023 — 01 November 2026

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg : Pollinator Pathmaker