LAS Art Foundation

LAS Charter


LAS Art Foundation adheres to a Charter, which guides us in our work and stands in addition to our legal obligations as a not-for-profit organisation. Under four sections: Mission and Vision, Values, Goals and Ten Commitments, we comprehensively outline LAS Art Foundation’s approach to its work, the ethics that unpin it, and commitments we measurably adhere to. Our Charter is set by the foundation Directors and is reviewed a minimum of every two years.

1. Mission and Vision

LAS Art Foundation’s mission is to be a new type of arts organisation — one that looks deep into our present and gives form to future imaginaries. We work with visionary artists, thinkers and institutions around the globe to develop innovative projects and experiences. We investigate topics ranging from artificial intelligence and quantum computing to ecology and biotechnology — illuminating the intersections between art, science and technology. Our programme comprises installations and performances, as well as educational programming, publications and research projects. Curiosity drives us to continually reimagine the role of an arts institution as one that shapes and evolves with our collective futures.

LAS Art Foundation’s vision is of a future where humankind no longer sees itself at the centre, but as part of an interconnected whole, with a more empathetic and inclusive approach to non-humans. In this kind of future, we are better equipped to deal with planetary challenges, such as the climatic, social, biological and political upheavals we currently face. By incorporating advancements in technology and science, new discoveries in non-human intelligence, as well as post-human theory and Indigenous knowledge, we can usher in a new era, in which we overcome convention and adversarialities to work together toward a better future for all.

2. Values

LAS Art Foundation adheres to the following core values, which underpin our work as a not-for-profit organisation. Through our programming we seek to protect, perpetuate and encourage these values, leading by example and selecting partners who share our thinking.

Upholding freedom of expression and thought

In a world of diverse viewpoints and positions, LAS sees the freedom of expression in art as aiding mutual understanding. As a valuable catalyst for dialogue, we believe art has a central, positive role in resolving societal divisions, avoiding totalitarian and inhuman ideologies, and fostering new and more planetary perspectives.

Safeguarding personal dignity

Rooted in the right of each person to their dignity, our approach foregrounds diverse viewpoints. We seek to cover an ever wider array of positions through our programming. At the same time, we take care that what we present does not encroach on the dignity of others. We do not tolerate and, through our work, seek to actively mitigate hate-speech, discrimination and all forms of violent intolerance.

Embodying empathy and equal-rights

We believe art has the power to create empathy across communities, species, disciplines, ideologies and geographies. Underlying our encouragement of this empathy, we firmly believe in the equal rights and voices of all groups and individuals, and work to ensure this is upheld through our projects, working culture and collaborators.

Taking a planetary perspective

Our work revolves around a proactive approach to the future, where each of us has the agency to make positive change. LAS Art Foundation believes in and works towards a future that is planetary, where humankind no longer sees only itself at the centre, but as part of an interconnected whole, better placed to face the planetary challenges we currently face.

3. Goals

To fulfil our purpose, while adhering to our values, we put in place goals that guide us in our work and measure our impact. Our goals, and examples of how we achieve them, are as follows:


Achieved by, for example, publishing books on new ideas in our field; participating in talks in both art and non-art forums; producing LAS-authored content through our platforms; setting up symposia


Achieved by, for example, programming that is internationally recognised and appreciated; participation from field luminaries; highest professional standards in our work, objective guidance from an advisory board


Achieved by, for example, presenting new commissions by artists, or artists heading in a new direction in their work; being the first to present an artist in a major exhibition in Berlin; investing in research projects


Achieved by, for example, trying out new technologies; investing in less established artists or ideas; working with technology and science partners to support artists working in cutting-edge research


Achieved by, for example, not bowing to influences from partners or politics; letting artists be the primary creative voice; working with a diverse advisory board and team


Achieved by, for example, our commitment to operational sustainability; our internal charter for sustainable production choices and travel arrangements


Achieved by, for example, ensuring a diverse team; the representation of multiple viewpoints and positions through our programming; safeguarding free speech while maintaining a policy of anti-hate speech and anti-discrimination


Achieved by, for example, fully wheelchair accessible events and installations; actively including socially, ethnically, neuro- and linguistically diverse communities through assistive technology; events and installations where prior knowledge is not required to enjoy the work

4. Ten Commitments

Planetary future

LAS Art Foundation believes in and works towards a future that is planetary, where humankind no longer sees only itself at the centre, but as part of an interconnected whole, better placed to face the planetary challenges we currently face. We do this by supporting not only artists but also diverse philosophers, academics, writers, scientists, technologists and other innovators who are working to this end.

Freedom of expression

LAS Art Foundation believes in the freedom of expression and thought. To us, art that is free protects and encourages our values, including individual dignity, equal-rights democracy and a planetary perspective. At the same time, we work to actively mitigate hate-speech, discrimination and other forms of violent intolerance in society. We strive for this through every stage of our programming process, from selecting projects and partners that uphold these values, to enabling artists to make bold work and maintaining open dialogue with our collaborators throughout a project.


LAS Art Foundation is committed to being accessible both in terms of its physical space and its choice of content. This is enacted in several ways: through physically accessible exhibitions and events that can be experienced comfortably by those with impaired mobility; through supportive technology for those with impaired sight or hearing; and above all through presenting content in a way that it can be enjoyed without background knowledge, or previous information.

Diversity and equality

We strive to ensure, both through our programming and governance, that we bring perspectives from multiple communities into our programming and internally into how we run the organisation. LAS strives to ensure that events and exhibitions, while exploring complex topics, can be enjoyed by people of a range of ages, ethnicities, gender-identities, educational background and perspectives. Moreover, LAS Art Foundation is an equal opportunities employer and seeks to represent and support diversity in its staff and collaborators. We hold regular diversity workshops for our team.

Workplace culture

LAS Art Foundation works to maintain a workplace culture of respect, open communication and positive recognition and we support continued learning. Structural measures in place to promote this include: a dual leadership system where responsibilities are shared by two team leads for each department; an external management coaching programme and 360 degree feedback. We work to extend these standards to partners, working in a transparent and collaborative way.

Environmental sustainability

LAS Art Foundation is an educational organisation that draws attention to issues of environmental sustainability, while embodying them through our everyday choices. We have an internal protocol for sustainable operations, including: employee travel, which we monitor and measure; production, for which we use the most sustainable, resource-conserving options, and for providers, which we assess for energy efficiency. We monitor the carbon footprint of our exhibitions and events, offset our energy consumption and run our operations on sustainable energy sources.

Dedication to technology and science

LAS Art Foundation is founded on the premise of promoting science, research, art and culture. We choose to do this primarily by supporting artists to work with the latest technologies and scientific advances through access to technology and research opportunities in the scientific field. We also work with those advancing science and technology, both universities and not-for-profits, and for-profit entities. Our end goal is to support a future-oriented, conscious, critical and responsible approach to new technologies. We strive to ensure independence in our work with new technologies, ensuring we look at multiple perspectives and are not beholden to particular corporate interests.

Financial accountability

As a private art foundation, LAS is not obliged to publicly disclose details of its financial structure or funding, nonetheless LAS works to ensure sustainable use of its funds and empowers team leaders to take financial responsibilities within the organisation. Team leads have clear budgeting responsibilities and adhere to an internal code to ensure financial resources are used wisely to fulfil statutory purposes and comparably with other non-for-profit organisations. Its annual financial statements are prepared by third party auditors.

Due diligence

The principles and ethics of LAS are also applied in our cooperation with partners: a common understanding of values is crucial for us. We therefore consciously work with partners who share and respect LAS's principles and we carry out due diligence before engaging with collaborators. As an organisation supporting artists, we choose to represent a diversity of voices and values, while maintaining our policy of anti-hate speech, and anti-discrimination.

Conflicts of interest

LAS Art Foundation strives to ensure its integrity in the face of any potential conflicts of interest, in terms of personal relationships, politics and other undue influence. LAS is registered in the Lobby Register Act. We avoid undue influence by not accepting gifts, favours or other benefits that could influence us in our business and artistic decisions.