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Anesthesia Scammer

AI poetry and AI generated prophecies through Oracle, Amnesia Scanner’s machine

30 Nov 2019

AI poetry and AI generated prophecies through Oracle, Amnesia Scanner’s machine

On the occasion of Refik Anadol’s Latent Being exhibition at Kraftwerk Berlin, Amnesia Scanner presented Anesthesia Scammer, a new work commissioned by LAS that consisted of three acts incorporating narrative, music, video, animatronics and Artificial Intelligence poetry. The duo previously worked and performed with Oracle, the ghost summoned from the Amnesia Scanner machine. Oracle, this time was embodied in the form of an animatronic sculpture, became the lead protagonist. Anesthesia Scammer is a spiritual sequel to the artists’ audio play Angels Rig Hook exploring millenarian anxieties and digital deities.

Curated by Agnes Gryczkowska


Amnesia Scanner

Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based music duo, performing arts group, experience design studio and production house, created by Finnish-born Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala.

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Installation|23 Nov 2019 — 05 Jan 2020

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Performance and Installation
30 November 2019 – 5 January 2020

© 2021 Amnesia Scanner
Commissioned by LAS
Curated by Agnes Gryczkowska
Assistant Curator: Liz Stumpf

Production Credits

Direction and Production
Amnesia Scanner
Set Design, Lights and Creative Direction
Freeka Tet and Amnesia Scanner
Art Direction and Graphics
PWR, Rasmus Svensson and Hanna Nilsson
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Oracle Creative Direction, Design, Conceptual Engineering, Electronics and Softwares Programming
Freeka Tet
Oracle Sculptures, Molds and Casts, Animatronics, Build and Assembly
Alex Hollenbach
Amnesia Scanner
James Kelly
Anesthesia Scammer
Marc Elsner
Additional Sound Design
Tim Roth
Voice Actors
Marc Elsner, Britta Thie
Hair and Make Up
Jana Kalgaeva
Peri Rosenzweig and Imogene Strauss